Services & Fees

Water/Sewer/Garbage bills

Water/Sewer/Garbage bills are payable in full by the first of each month.  Penalty charges are added to those fees not paid in full by this date. For your convenience, an after hours drop box is located at Village Hall. Any questions regarding the billing may be addressed to the Village Collector at 815-369-4016.

Water/Sewer Rates are changing starting in January 2024. The minimum monthly Utility bills for 1,200 gallons usage or less is $89.47.

Water service charge per monthly period shall be as follows: $0.36 per 100 gallons from 1,200 up to 15,000; then $0.34 per 100 gallons for 15,001 to 25,000; then $0.31 per 100 gallons for 25,001 or more. The minimum charge for water service shall be $17.55 per user for up to 1,200 gallons.  A $4.50 water capital improvement and emergency maintenance fund fee shall be assessed monthly per user.

Wastewater charge per monthly period shall be $0.62 per 100 gallons of wastewater used above 1,200 gallons.  The minimum monthly charge for wastewater service shall be $16.25 per user for up to 1,200 gallons.  A $29.00 wastewater capital improvement and emergency maintenance fund fee shall be assessed monthly per user.

Understanding your utility bill Click here.

Garbage / Recycling Pickup

Each resident is supplied with one 65 gallon garbage tote for disposal of refuse.  If you have more refuse than fits in the tote, garbage stickers need to be placed on the additional items.  Stickers may be purchased at Sullivan’s grocery.

Each resident is supplied with one 65 gallon recycling tote (yellow top) for disposal of recycling items.

The following items may be placed in your recycling container:

  • Plastics 1-7
  • Cardboard
  • Writing paper
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Junk mail
  • Chipboard
  • Phone books
  • Aluminum, aluminum foil and tin cans
  • Juice boxes, milk cartons
  • Glass (brown, clear, green)
  • Envelopes

For more garbage/recycling details click here:

Garbage pick-up for residents begins early Friday morning.  It is recommended that residents set out their trash containers Thursday evening.  NOTE:  Pick-up service is delayed one day on all major holidays that fall on a week day.


  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Totes are property of the residence and NOT the resident, and must remain at that property.

Garbage and recycling totes are property of the village of Lena, if your tote needs repaired or replaced call the village of Lena office, 815-369-4016.  Each tote is $50 to replace.

UTV Registration 

UTV registration stickers are good from May 1st through April 30th each year. You are required to purchase a sticker prior to May 1st each year. Registration stickers can be purchased at Village Hall Monday – Friday 8am to 4:30pm.

An inspection by the Lena Police Department is required for all newly registered UTVs prior to receiving a registration sticker. The following items are required to pass the inspection to operate a UTV within the Village of Lena:

  • Steering Wheel Apparatus
  • Seat Belts (each passenger)
  • Tires
  • Turn Signals (front and rear)
  • Brakes and Brake lights
  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Standard Factory Exhaust
  • Red Reflector (rear)
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
  • Yellow Flashing Light (night operation)

Brush Pickup

Brush pick-up is provided by the Village on the first and third Mondays of each month from April to October, as weather allows.  Branches and small sticks should be placed in the yard at the curb, not on the street, on Sunday evening prior to brush pick-up.  Place small sticks and twigs into a bucket or container so that it is easier  and more efficient for the maintenance staff to pick up.

Brush from trees that are trimmed or removed professionally must be removed by the professional service provider and are not subject to removal by the Village Street Department.  Brush can be taken to the designated areas at the Lena Street Department Building on Townline Road at any time for disposal.

The Village WILL NOT pick up brush/branches from residents who have contracted for hire or trade the removal of trees. The residents will be responsible for properly disposing of the debris and it’s not allowed to be taken to the Village facility. (ordinance 11-3, section H)

Definition of Brush: loose wood, branches, and twigs generated by trimming of, or storm damage to, trees: material shall be over 1/4 inch, but not to exceed 4 inches in diameter, and may not be over 4 feet in length. Brush does not include yard waste, such as grass clippings, plants, or other vegetation, nor does it include stumps, roots, or root balls, no construction material, no wood with foreign objects, and no thorn bushes. (ordinance 11-2)

Leaf Vacuuming

Leaf removal is provided by the Village in the Fall.  Leaves should be raked to the curb, but not in the street.  No brush, lawn clippings, yard waste or other foreign objects may be in the leaf piles or they may not be removed.  Leaves must remain loose at the curb, no leaf or yard waste bags will be disposed of by the Village Street Department.

Yard Waste

Designated areas are located at the Lena Street Department Building on Townline Road for disposal of yard waste.  Any garden or flower bed refuse may be disposed of in these areas.  Yard waste bags will not be picked up curbside by the Village Street Department.

Parking: Snow Emergencies 11/1 – 4/30

During times when there is an accumulation of at least two inches of snow between 11/1 and 4/30 of each year, all vehicles parked on the street must be parked on odd numbered sides of the street on odd number days of the month and on the even numbered side of the street on even days of the month from 1:30am until 6am on that day.  Vehicles parked in the lot on Main Street must park at the fence side closest to the railroad tracks.  These parking restrictions are in effect for the following streets Main Street from Washington  to Freedom – Railroad Street from Washington to Center – Center Street from Main to Mason – Rantoul Street from Main to Mason – Vernon Street from Main to Mason and Freedom Street from Main to Mason.  Violations are subject to a $75 fine.

Parking: Street Sweeping Hours

Special parking restrictions are in effect for Main Street from Washington to Freedom – Railroad Street from Washington to Center and from Main Street to Mason Street on Center, Rantoul, Vernon, and Freedom Streets, on Friday mornings for street sweeping purposes.  During this time, vehicles may be parked in the main street parking lot.

Lawn Clippings

Lawn clippings are not to be blown into the street area as it blocks the storm sewer catch basins.  Notices will be mailed to those who violate this request.

Christmas Tree Disposal

The Village of Lena provides a designated area at the Lena Street Department for the disposal of live Christmas trees. The Village Street Department will not pick up Christmas trees curbside.

No Burning

No open burning is permitted within the Village.  Questions on burning should be directed to the Health and Environment Trustee, or Village Hall.

Tree Removal

It is the responsibility of the property owner to trim trees located in the Village right-of-way. If, after professional inspection, a tree must be removed, the property owner will be assessed a fee of $300 which would include the cost of tree and stump removal and dirt fill.

Building Permits

The Village has adopted the National BOCA codes, and inspections are required as per these and state codes.  Building permits are required for constructing utility sheds, additions, garages, houses, and demolition of any of the above, patios, decks, porches, driveways, fences, retaining walls, driveway pillars, signs, or other similar structures.  Permits are not needed for re-roofing or residing a building.  Building permits are available at Village Hall and on this website.  Forms must be submitted and approved and fees paid before construction may commence.  Property line set back and easements must be indicated on any building permit.  Questions may be directed to the Zoning and Planning Trustee, Zoning Coordinator, or Village Hall.  J.U.L.I.E. must be called at least 48 hours in advance. Building permits can be viewed and printed out here.

Curb and Gutter Program

If property owners are interested in having curb and gutter installed on their street a signed petition by the interested property owners is required to begin the process.  Please visit or contact Village Hall for further information.

Tornado Warning

A monotone warning from the Fire Station indicates a tornado warning.  The signal is similar to the 6:00pm daily “whistle”.  Seek shelter immediately and stay tuned to local broadcast warnings.  No “all clear” signal is indicated.

Major Power/Telephone Outage Emergency

If communication must be made regarding help in the case of any major emergency or catastrophic conditions, please report to the Fire Department for Assistance, 815-369-2715.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

Commercial and residential sidewalk replacement reimbursement forms are available at Village Hall or on this website.  Each plan has a portion of pre-approved reimbursement for replacement or repair of sidewalk, and are payable after paid receipts are submitted to Village Hall. Information on the Village of Lena Sidewalk Replacement Program can be found here.