Community Profile

With a population of roughly 2,900 people, Lena is a clean, safe and self sufficient community offering all of the amenities needed to provide the great quality of life that our residents deserve.  Because of Lena’s unique proximity to major highways and metropolitan areas we are able to provide the best of both worlds to our residents.  We offer a wholesome, small town atmosphere that provides the essentials for either a growing healthy family or those entering retirement to settle in and prosper as well as access to larger cities providing amenities that normally wouldn’t be found in a smaller home town community.  Lena’s easy access to Rockford, Monroe, Madison, The Quad Cities, Thomson, Fulton, Sterling and more makes it the perfect community to keep your peace of mind while providing easy access to the busier aspects of our lives.

Lena also offers a variety of local services providing services for Lena and northwest Illinois ready to meet your specific needs such as: Accounting, insurance, day care providers, health care services, real estate agents, banks, attorneys, printing services, senior and special needs services, architects and more.  The Lena Business Directory can be found here.